For the Finnish Prime Minister’s Office, I produced a model for experimental policy making called ‘Design for Government: Human-centric Governance Through Experiments’ as one of the main researchers with the Nordic think tank Demos Helsinki. From Aalto University, the Design for Government course served as an example of what a part of the proposed process might unfold, Professor Tuuli Mattelmäki served as an advisor for the research project.

The report proposes a new, quick-to-implement model for including experiments and behavioural approaches into Finnish policy design based on the insights gained from interviews and co-creation workshops with the frontiers on this development around the world, as well as high-level Finnish politicians and public servants under the Chatham House Role. The use of behavioural approaches as part of governmental steering has been shown to make policy more user-orientated, targeted and efficient. The report has been used to inspire the current government programme’s commitment to “culture of experimentation”. Further, it is also used to plan the experiments to be undertaken and programme implemented for supporting experimental culture.

The proposed model consists of three parts: firstly, understanding the problem, secondly implementing an experiment, and finally, evaluating the impacts identified. The suggested model was built specifically for understanding the benefits of policy through experimentation that can be taken in as parts to influence the governments working culture. In the report, important stakeholders are identified including the ministry personnel and the change-maker network. An alternative route is to establish an experimental unit within the public administration.

Figure 6 from the report: The qualitative stage of the experimental phase involves familiarisation with the theme based on lighter methods. A more widely applicable, precisely measurable verificatory experiment is conducted on the basis of the findings.

The proposed operating model is one element in our broader development towards a more people-oriented administration. … There is a clear need for new tools for the steering and development of the public administration. The nation is facing major reforms that are impossible to plan to perfection beforehand. … The purpose of the operating model is to make the planning of steering, and thereby the public administration, more open and democratic by involving people more effectively in the development of steering mechanisms.

– Page 22, Design for Government: Human-centric Governance Through Experiments

The consortium accompanied the research project with 2015 DfG course, upon which many empirical insights were based. In addition to the course, the research project included seven public events and workshops as well as large number of interviews with Finnish decision makers and leading practitioners around the world. In all, the events involved approximately 250 civil servants, designers, researchers, students and people in developing the roles design can play in the government and policymaking.

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핀란드 수상 사무실을 위해 ‘정부를 위한 디자인: 실험을 통한 인간 중심적 정책모델’을 제안했다. 씽크탱크 데모스 헬싱키(Demos Helsinki), 고문 뚤리 마뗄마끼(Tuuli Mattelmäki) 교수 등과 협력해 프로젝트를 진행했으며, 수상 사무실의 경쟁입찰에서 자료수집, 분석, 정책 보고서까지 모든 과정에 참여했다.

제안된 모델은 보다 인간중심적 정부를 만들기 위한 첫 걸음입니다. … 공공정책을 효과적으로 개발하고 적용하기 위한 새로운 도구가 절실히 필요합니다. 정부는 사전에 모든 것을 완벽하게 계획할 수 없는 중요한 개혁들을 직면하고 있습니다. … 실험적 정책 디자인 모델의 목적은 그 개발 과정에 보다 많은 사람들을 효과적으로 참여할 수 있도록 해 행정을 보다 개방적이고 민주적으로 만드는것입니다.

– 페이지 22, (보고서 중)

그림 6: 정성적인 접근을 통해 프로젝트의 맥락과 정량화 해야 할 실험과 평가의 기준을 마련한다.(보고서 중)

보고서는 챗햄하우스룰(Chatham House Role) 아래 이 분야를 개척한 세계의 다양한 기관들, 핀란드의 정치인, 관료들을 인터뷰한 분석을 통해 인간 중심 디자인, 행동 경제학 등을 바탕으로 실험적 정책 디자인 모델을 제안한다. 제안된 모델은 첫째, 문제를 이해하고, 둘째, 실험을 수행하고, 마지막으로 실험의 효과를 평가하는 세 부분으로 구성되었다. 제안된 모델은 실험을 통한 정책입안이 정부의 업무문화에 영향을 미치는 부분을 중심적으로 설계되었다. 보고서는 이 모델을 현실화하는데 있어 핵심적인 역할을 할 행정부 공무원들과 다양한 이혜관계자를 명시한다. 대안으로는 행정부 내 정책실험을 위한 팀을 설립하는 것이다.

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